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Second verse, same as the first…

Welcome to my blog 22 scripts in 2022! Yes, you guessed It, I am attempting to write 22 complete screenplays In the year 2022. I’ve decided to break down the year into certain scripts per month. I will blog about each project and it’s progress and other interesting musings (like, why is the new Boba Fett show so bad!) So here goes trying to write all my scripts In one year!! (Just making the list Is making me tired!!)

January – The Love Tree (Rom Com) and Getting Good (short)

February – Chupacabra (Mystery / Thriller) and Tiffany Glass – (Drama)

March – Into the Forest (Post Apocalyptic )and 7 Maids on a Fire Escape (Short)

April – What happens In Vegas (Drama / Comedy) and Virus 19 (Thriller / Virus)

May – The Dying of the light (Zombie / Drama) and Lost Time (Sci Fi Drama)

June – Free Port (Post Apocalyptic) and Warning SIgns (Rom Com)

July – Punch Jones (Young Adult / Sci Fi) and The Phoenix Project (Young Adult Sci Fi)

August – Into the Forest (Drama) and Dead Planet (Sci Fi)

September – Civil War untitled (Drama)

October – Horror Short untitled (Horror) and Figs from Thistles (Thriller / Mystery)

November – Bastion 41 ( Mini series / 1st Episode) and Eden (Sci Fi)

December – Gender Wars (Sci Fi Drama)

Possible switch-a-roonies:Origin (Drama, Historical Fiction)Shadow Man (Superhero)Feudal Japan – (Historical FIction / Drama)


2 thoughts on “Second verse, same as the first…

  1. Bravo for doing this! I stopped writing years ago and never picked it up again. Your goal of 22 scripts in 22 is inspirational, as it the Picasso quote. Maybe you’ll get me to write again… maybe (LOL) – but in anywise, so glad you are writing!


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