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My biggest foe is procrastination. Or maybe distraction. It’s never been creativity or writers block. I do well with deadlines though. Particularly ones that are sooner rather than later. This latest script is a psychological thriller of sorts. It explores the monster that lives inside us all. I like it a lot. More than some of the others I’ve been working on lately. I really need to have someone proofread it though. I want to make sure I’m hitting the mark I’m intending. But try as I might, I’m only getting done with a few pages a day. I should be writing much more. But I get distracted by chores, or making a meal, or phone calls, or emails, or the news! And then once I’ve derailed, it takes me forever to get back into the story. Something I’ve definitely got to get better at if I’m going to succeed in this crazy challenge. It’s 11:30pm and I’m going to try and get a few pages in before bedtime. Maybe I should give myself a minimum page count per day. Hmmmmm, maybe 10 would work. Good idea for tomorrow!


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