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I am not the Cheesecake Factory

I was speaking to a talented screenwriter the other day who was so helpful with many pieces of awesome advice. I am always grateful when people take the time to share their knowledge and expertise with others. One of the things she was telling me, was how to market myself as a writer. She was saying how she markets herself with her specific style and genres. While she was talking, I realized that this is something I will struggle to streamline. Because I have waited to long to get serious, I have created lots of stories in multiple different genres and tones. Different times in my life have elicited different ways of writing. Which makes me seem like the Cheesecake Factory menu! Too many choices that nothing seems authentic. Oh no! I will have to try and find a common theme amongst my scripts. I’m sure something is there, I’ll need to weed it out and make sure that I sound like a unique version of myself.


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