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The ol’ Think Tank

I had to go back to my think tank this month. This is what I use to get my head straight on stories I am working on. I dim the lights and soak in the tub for hours and work the stories out in my head. Needless to say, I’m very pruney when I get out. It’s the first month that I am falling a bit behind though and I needed some time to settle my brain. I had to completely revise one of my March scripts. My sister/editor read the first 15 pages and had some major suggestions. She was completely right, but I was about 30 pages in and had to rework the whole thing. I’m grateful for her feedback, they were changes that definitely needed to be made, but it zapped me out of a week and a half of work. When you are trying to write two screenplays each month, losing almost two weeks is brutal. So, in April I am challenging myself to finish the one from March and two more. 1st drafts only people, 1st drafts!


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