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I promise I’m not that dark hearted

My daughter asked me the other day if I had a common denominator in my stories. I realized I have one big one and one small one. The biggest common denominator in my writing are strong female characters. It’s not really an intentional choice, I guess it’s just the voice I feel most comfortable expressing. The other common thread in my writing is post apocalyptic scenarios. I really hadn’t noticed that until I thought about it. I’m not really sure why exactly. Maybe it’s because I feel the planets headed in that direction, or maybe it’s such an interesting scenario to think about. What would I do in that situation? What would my characters do? The post apocalyptic landscape is always an extreme of what if’s. It’s such an interesting character study of how people will react in extraordinary circumstances. I guess they’re just really interesting story ideas and I haven’t fully explored yet. Onwards and upwards.


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